Shariefudddin PIRZADA

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The authors measured the comorbid effect of alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems on medical, surgical, and psychiatric inpatient charges and length of stay (LOS) in an urban hospital by use of retrospective study of hospital clinical computer data comparing AOD-affected patients with non-AOD-affected patients in terms of cost, diagnostic, demographic, and(More)
A signed bipartite graph is a bipartite graph in which each edge is assigned a positive or a negative sign. Let G(U, V ) be a signed bipartite graph with U = {u1, u2, · · · , up} and V = {v1, v2, · · · , vq} . Then signed degree of ui is sdeg(ui) = di = d + i − d − i , where 1 ≤ i ≤ p and d+i ( d − i ) is the number of positive(negative) edges incident with(More)
Using different definitions of split graphs we propose quick algorithms for the recognition and extremal reconstruction of split sequences among integer, regular, and graphic sequences. 1 Basic definitions In this paper a, b, l, m, n, p and q denote nonnegative integers with b ≥ a and l +m ≥ 1. We follow the terminology of Handbook of Graph Theory [28](More)
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