Sharie Falan

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  • Anthony L Suchman, David J Sluyter, Penelope R Williamson, Peter Block, Carol A Aschenbrener, Ralph Stacey +4 others
  • 2012
integrates wisdom and various methodologies from complexity science, positive psychology and relationship-centered care as a means to rejuvenate and transform organizations in the midst of change. The book lightly introduces these theories and the authors frequently refer the reader back to them as a basis for gaining a deeper understanding of the(More)
The necessity for transforming healthcare using information technology was well recognized in the beginning of this century was defined to provide incentives for healthcare organizations and clinical professionals to accelerate the adoption of health information technology (HIT) for better care with lower costs. Since then, many surveys have been conducted(More)
Correcting problems in healthcare delivery has become a top priority in the USA due to skyrocketing insurance costs and fast growth in national healthcare spending. This paper is aimed at examining how Health Information Technology (HIT) could be used to help the USA move towards efficient, safe, and meaningful healthcare. Our study is focused on healthcare(More)
The growth in U.S. national health expenditures (NHE) has continuously outpaced its Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth since 1997 and this trend will continue with a 2.1% annual gap for the next decade (RAND, 2010). This nonstop healthcare cost increase make healthcare one of the most urgent issues in USA. Concurred by this study, the key factor that(More)
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