Shari Trewin

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Slipping while clicking and accidental clicks are a source of errors for mouse users with motor impairments. The Steady Clicks assistance feature suppresses these errors by freezing the cursor during mouse clicks, preventing overlapping button presses and suppressing clicks made while the mouse is moving at a high velocity. Evaluation with eleven target(More)
The Gsearch system allows the selection of sentences by syntactic criteria from text corpora, even when these corpora contain no prior syntactic markup. This is achieved by means of a fast chart parser, which takes as input a grammar and a search expression specified by the user. Gsearch features a modular architecture that can be extended straightforwardly(More)
Point-and-click tasks are known to present difficulties to users with physical impairments, particularly motor- or vision-based, and to older adults. This paper presents the results of a study to quantify and understand the effects of age and impairment on the ability to perform such tasks. Results from four separate user groups are presented and compared(More)
Overlap errors, in which two keys are pressed down at once, are a common typing error for people with motor disabilities. Keyguards are a commonly suggested means to may reduce overlap errors. However, they are also unpopular with many users. We present an alternative to the keyguard, a software filter which targets overlap errors. Basic, keystroke(More)
V. L. Hanson J. P. Brezin S. Crayne S. Keates R. Kjeldsen J. T. Richards C. Swart S. Trewin The accessibilityWorks project provides software enhancements to the Mozillae Web browser and allows users to control their browsing environment. Although Web accessibility standards specify markup that must be incorporated for Web pages to be accessible, these(More)
People with motor disabilities may need to adjust the configuration of their input devices, but often find this an obscure and difficult process. The Dynamic Keyboard exemplifies a potential solution. It continuously adjusts fundamental keyboard accessibility features to suit the requirements of the current user, based on a keyboard use model. Early field(More)
Primary synovial chondromatosis (PSC) is thought to be a cartilaginous metaplasia, but it may recur locally and malignant change has been reported. Histologically, the cartilage is usually cellular, with binucleate forms. These findings suggest that the disease is not simply a metaplasia but imply a proliferative component. In this study,(More)
We examine three biometric authentication modalities -- voice, face and gesture -- as well as password entry, on a mobile device, to explore the relative demands on user time, effort, error and task disruption. Our laboratory study provided observations of user actions, strategies, and reactions to the authentication methods. Face and voice biometrics(More)