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This paper focuses on the benefits that organizations may achieve from their investment in enterprise systems (ES). It proposes an ES benefit framework for summarizing benefits in the years after ES implementation. Based on an analysis of the features of enterprise systems, on the literature on information technology (IT) value, on data from 233 enterprise(More)
An examination of first-mover (dis)advantages of ICT-driven innovation in the service industry" First-mover (dis)advantages of ICT-driven innovation in the service industry ABSTRACT Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been the key driver for the modern service industry to innovate and achieve competitive advantages. In this highly competitive(More)
Enterprise systems (ES) impose changes on users in many areas: job content, interpersonal relationships, decision-making approaches, and work status. Change management is critical to successful ES implementation. Top management support, business involvement, communication and training are important factors in managing these changes. However, such high level(More)