Shari Lim Wei

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The potential of memristive devices is often seeing in implementing neuromorphic architectures for achieving brain-­‐like computation. However, the designing procedures do not allow for extended manipulation of the material, unlike CMOS technology, the properties of the memristive material should be harnessed in the context of such computation, under the(More)
X-ray absorption near edge structure ~XANES! spectra of crystalline ~c!and amorphous (a)-Si–C–N thin films were measured at the C, N, and Si K edge using the fluorescence and sample drain current modes. A sharp peak similar to the C 1s core exciton in chemical vapor deposition diamond is observed, which can be assigned to the transition from the C 1s to sp(More)
Novel Ti6Al4V alloy matrix composites with a controllable two-scale network architecture were successfully fabricated by reaction hot pressing (RHP). TiB whiskers (TiBw) were in-situ synthesized around the Ti6Al4V matrix particles, and formed the first-scale network structure (FSNS). Ti5Si3 needles (Ti5Si3) precipitated in the β phase around the equiaxed α(More)
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