Shari J Preece

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The interpretation of in vivo spectral reflectance measurements of the ocular fundus requires an accurate model of radiation transport within the eye. As well as considering the scattering and absorption processes, it is also necessary to account for appropriate histological variation. This variation results in experimentally measured spectra which vary,(More)
Climate models predict extensive and severe degradation of permafrost in response to global warming, with a potential for release of large volumes of stored carbon. However, the accuracy of these models is difficult to evaluate because little is known of the history of permafrost and its response to past warm intervals of climate. We report the presence of(More)
After the initial mixing of cement, an induction period occurs during which its consistency remains constant. Thickening occurs at the end of this period when the consistency is observed to increase very rapidly. In this paper we propose a reaction-di usion model for the hydration of tricalcium silicate, a principal constituent of cement, which is believed(More)
By de ning appropriate optical lters it is possible to recover quantitative parameters which determine colouration of a class of objects irrespective of scene geometry and intensity of illuminating light. A relationship between scene parameters and their spectra is established from a forward model of light transport. Optimal spectral lters which minimise(More)
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