Shari Carter

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Nickel allergy is the most frequent contact allergy and is also one of the major background factors for hand eczema. The clinical significance of nickel release from coins was discussed when the composition of euro coins was decided. Current European coinage is dominated by cupro-nickel coins (Cu 75; Ni 25); other nickel-containing and non-nickel alloys are(More)
Wireless mesh networks have become an effective solution for extending Internet connectivity to large areas without an existing communication infrastructure. Building a mesh network in areas with heavy vegetation, however, is challenging due to their severe radio attenuating effects. At Clemson, a wireless mesh network testbed is being built in deep forests(More)
A potentially general kinetic method for the investigation of active-site availability in preparations of macromolecular catalysts was developed. Three kinetic models were considered: (a) the conventional two-step model of enzyme catalysis, where the preparation contains only active catalyst (E(a)) and inert (i.e. non-binding, non-catalytic) material(More)
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