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Building secure systems is difficult for many reasons. This paper deals with two of the main challenges: (i) the lack of security expertise in development teams, and (ii) the inadequacy of existing methodologies to support developers who are not security experts. The security standard ISO 14508 (Common Criteria) together with secure design techniques such(More)
[Context and motivation] The increasing demand of software systems to process and manage sensitive information has led to the need that software systems should comply with relevant laws and regulations, which enforce the privacy and other aspects of the stored information. [Question/problem] However, the task is challenging because concepts and terminology(More)
More and more software projects today are security-related in one way or the other. Requirements engineers without expertise in security are at risk of overlooking security requirements, which often leads to security vulnerabilities that can later be exploited in practice. Identifying security-relevant requirements is labor-intensive and error-prone. In(More)
Context & motivation: More and more software projects today are security-related in one way or the other. Many environments are initially not considered security-related and no security experts are assigned. Requirements engineers often fail to recognise indicators for security problems. Question/problem: Ignoring security issues early in a project is a(More)
Software development project is often faced with unanticipated problems which pose any potential risks within the development environment. Controlling these risks arises from both the technical and non-technical development components already from the early stages of the development is crucial to arrive at a successful project. Therefore, software(More)