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Filterbank-based fingerprint matching
A filter-based fingerprint matching algorithm which uses a bank of Gabor filters to capture both local and global details in a fingerprint as a compact fixed length FingerCode and is able to achieve a verification accuracy which is only marginally inferior to the best results of minutiae-based algorithms published in the open literature. Expand
Biometrics: a tool for information security
An overview of biometrics is provided and some of the salient research issues that need to be addressed for making biometric technology an effective tool for providing information security are discussed. Expand
Fingerprint-Based Fuzzy Vault: Implementation and Performance
This work presents a fully automatic implementation of the fuzzy vault scheme based on fingerprint minutiae, a biometric cryptosystem that secures both the secret key and the biometric template by binding them within a cryptographic framework. Expand
Guide to Biometrics
This complete, technical guide details the principles, methods, technologies, and core ideas used in biometric authentication systems. It explains the definition and measurement of performance andExpand
An identity-authentication system using fingerprints
The design and implementation of a prototype automatic identity-authentication system that uses fingerprints to authenticate the identity of an individual is described and an improved minutiae-extraction algorithm is developed that is faster and more accurate than the earlier algorithm. Expand
Fuzzy Vault for Fingerprints
This paper explores the realization of a previously proposed cryptographic construct, called fuzzy vault, with the fingerprint minutiae data, which aims to secure critical data with the fingerprints in a way that only the authorized user can access the secret by providing the valid fingerprint. Expand
Biometric Recognition: Security and Privacy Concerns
In some applications, biometrics can replace or supplement the existing technology and in others, it is the only viable approach. Expand
Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society
Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society is a comprehensive and accessible source of state-of-the-art information on all existing and emerging biometrics: the science of automaticallyExpand
Biometric cryptosystems: issues and challenges
This work presents various methods that monolithically bind a cryptographic key with the biometric template of a user stored in the database in such a way that the key cannot be revealed without a successful biometric authentication. Expand
Biometric identification
As people become more connected electronically, the ability to achieve a highly accurate automatic personal identification system is substantially more critical and organizations are looking to automated identity authentication systems to improve customer satisfaction and operating efficiency. Expand