Sharath Jagannathan

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The nodes in a wireless network are responsible for both sending their traffic as well as relaying the traffic of other nodes in the network. This form of collaboration between the nodes is essential for the proper delivery of data. Without fair participation of all nodes in the routing process, some nodes may lose their energy reserves at a high rate(More)
A novel decentralized neural network (DNN) controller is proposed for a class of large-scale nonlinear systems with unknown interconnections. The objective is to design a DNN for a class of large-scale systems which do not satisfy the matching condition requirement. The NNs are used to approximate the unknown subsystem dynamics and the interconnections. The(More)
A neural network (NN) controller in discrete time is designed to deliver a desired tracking performance for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems with unknown deadzones and magnitude constraints on the input. The NN controller consists of two NNs: the first NN for compensating the unknown deadzones; and the second NN for compensating the uncertain(More)
Web mining is an active research area which mainly deals with the application on data mining techniques on the data that is provided by the internet, the World Wide Web(WWW). The Information provided by the internet could be in either webpages, links structure of WWW or Web server logs. Web content mining, Web usage mining and Web structure mining are the(More)
An important issue in robotics research is path tracking control where the robot is required to follow a certain path. The error between the desired path and the actual path is to converge to zero. This problem is more complicated when the robot dynamics is considered. This paper proposes a real time trajectory tracking control for a differential drive(More)
Dynamic key distribution has been proposed as an alternative for the pre-deployment of keys in wireless sensor networks. The keys are generated through the collaboration of the nodes in the network. Each participating node sends a partial key to a Head Cluster Head that later calculates the sub-network key and distributes it. The advantage of this approach(More)
Abstract:––Accurate controlling of Rudder is a challenging issue, it demands co design approach. Researchers are trying to provide solutions by upgrading hardware functionalities and by reducing the computational complexity of algorithm. PID, Adaptive and Predictive algorithms are the most widely used algorithm for Rudder control. This paper discusses(More)
Resource constraints require that ad hoc wireless networks are energy efficient during transmission and rate adaptation. In this paper we propose a novel cross-layer energy-efficient rate adaptation scheme that employs Dynamic Programming (DP) principle to analytically select the modulation scheme online. The scheme uses channel state information from the(More)
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