Sharat Jacob Vayttaden

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Systems modeling is emerging as a valuable tool in therapeutics. This is seen by the increasing use of clinically relevant computational models and a rise in systems biology companies working with the pharmaceutical industry. Systems models have helped understand the effects of pharmacological intervention at receptor, intracellular and intercellular(More)
The development of biologically realistic models of signaling pathways is a demanding process, involving computational challenges as well as those arising from the complexity of detailed pathway models. We have developed the General Neural Simulation System (GENESIS) and Kinetikit (GENESIS/Kinetikit), a graphical simulation environment for modeling(More)
Functional understanding of signaling pathways requires detailed information about the constituent molecules and their interactions. Simulations of signaling pathways therefore build upon a great deal of data from various sources. We first survey electronic data resources for cell signaling modeling and then based on the type of data representation the data(More)
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