Sharangdhar S. Phatak

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Class A G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are among the most important targets for drug discovery. However, a large set of experimental structures, essential for a structure-based approach, will likely remain unavailable in the near future. Thus, there is an actual need for modeling tools to characterize satisfactorily at least the binding site of these(More)
Exploiting drug polypharmacology to identify novel modes of actions for drug repurposing has gained significant attentions in the current era of weak drug pipelines. From a serendipitous to systematic or rational ways, a variety of unimodal computational approaches have been developed but the complexity of the problem clearly needs multi-modal approaches(More)
Boronic acids, known to bind diols, were screened to identify non-inflammatory cross-linkers for the preparation of glucose sensitive and insulin releasing agglomerates of liposomes (Agglomerated Vesicle Technology-AVT). This was done in order to select a suitable replacement for the previously used cross-linker, ConcanavalinA (ConA), a lectin known to have(More)
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