Sharadha Viswanathan

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Three-dimensional models of a variable volume/constant face velocity fume hood were developed and numerically solved to study the effect of the sash opening and rated face velocity on the flow patterns, especially in the exposure area of a person standing in front of the fume hood. These flow details are important in assessing the containment performance of(More)
Probability density function ͑PDF͒ calculations are reported for the dispersion from line sources in decaying grid turbulence. The calculations are performed using a modified form of the interaction by exchange with the conditional mean ͑IECM͒ mixing model. These flows pose a significant challenge to statistical models because the scalar length scale ͑of(More)
Application of transmission and scattering gamma photon techniques for calibration of superheated emulsion detectors used for neutron dosimetry is described. The bubbles nucleated in the detector due to neutron exposure generate detectable changes in both attenuation and scattering properties of the medium, and the magnitude of change in properties depends(More)
The bubble detector is demonstrated as one of the best suitable neutron detectors for neutron dose rate measurements in the presence of high-intense gamma fields. Immobilisation of a volatile liquid in a superheated state and achieving uniform distribution of tiny superheated droplets were a practical challenge. A compact and reusable bubble detector with(More)
This paper presents the simulation and experimental results of the distribution of droplets produced by electrostatic nozzles inside a venturi scrubber. The simulation model takes into account initial liquid momentum, hydrodynamic, gravitational and electric forces, and eddy diffusion. The velocity and concentration profile of charged droplets injected from(More)
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