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In recent years ad hoc networks are widely used because of mobility and open architecture nature. But new technology always comes with its own set of problems. Security of ad hoc network is an area of widespread research in recent years. Some unique characteristics of ad hoc network itself are an immense dilemma in the way of security. In this paper we have(More)
Ad Hoc Networks are extremely vulnerable to attacks due to their dynamically changing topology, absence of conventional security infrastructures, vulnerability of nodes and channels and open medium of communication. So many approaches are proposed for Ad-Hoc Networks for dealing with various attacks. Trust based mechanism coupled with Ad Hoc Networks based(More)
These days, Ad Hoc Networks are in demand in some crucial applications due to their open architecture and the mobility feature. Here, nodes cooperate with each other for communication. This very characteristic poses an immense problem in Ad Hoc Networks from the Security Point of view. Also due to the lack of Central Administration, Ad Hoc Networks fall(More)
Being one of the most widely used asymmetric or public key cryptographic algorithms, the RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman) algorithm does require substantial amount of study, improvement and improvisation so as to get the best possible efficiency in terms of execution time and memory utilization. While faster encryption will help in implementation in real time(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), the malicious flooding attack is very hazardous since it not only clogs the victim node but also the entire network. Also it may cause packet drops or alteration of the routing message that will further result in network dysfunctioning. In this paper, we propose a swarm based detection and defense technique for malicious(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a self configuring infrastructureless network of mobile nodes connected by wireless links. Hence, routing in this kind of networks is a great challenge. Ant Colony Optimization is an algorithm to solve problems like routing in MANETs based on food searching behavior of ants. AntHocNet is based on ideas from Ant Colony(More)
As it is the fact that sensors deployed in the field are not accessible after deployment hence lifetime of the network is directly dependent on residual energy the sensors have. Conservation and efficient utilization of energy are very crucial in a sensor network. Clustering is one of the best-accepted strategies to efficiently utilize energy. Various(More)
In a wireless sensor network deployed in remote area, because of no rechargeable energy source available, the network lifetime is critically dependent on how efficiently the energy resources are used. Clustering is powerful technique to use energy efficiently. Meta-heuristic methods can be applied for clustering. In this paper, different meta-heuristic(More)