Sharad W. Mohod

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Injection of the wind power into an electric grid affects the power quality. The performance of the wind turbine and thereby power quality are determined on the basis of measurements and the norms followed according to the guideline specified in International Electro-technical Commission standard, IEC-61400. The influence of the wind turbine in the grid(More)
Supporting critical load without uninterrupted power supply is difficult in the micro-grid network. The proposed system with battery energy storage maintains the real and reactive power in the grid as per International Electro-Technical Commission IEC61400-21 at the point of common coupling. The combination of battery storage with micro-wind energy(More)
This study presents the design, modelling and simulation of variable speed wind turbine through the LCL type DC-DC resonant converter for grid connected wind energy system using MATLAB/Simulink. Owing to enhancing the power demand and environmental issues, power generation from renewable energy is getting more consideration. The designed converter has main(More)
This work deals with simulation of hysteresis controlled single phase AC-AC converter for wind generation. The AC output of the wind generator is converted into DC using three phase uncontrolled rectifier. The output of the rectifier is filtered using a Z-network. The output of the Z-network is applied to the single phase inverter. The single phase inverter(More)
This paper presents a digital controller in closed loop of DC-DC converter for solar cell. Solar cell output voltage changes according to atmospheric changes. The digital controller is designed using PI controller which is connected in closed loop. The function of digital controller is taking the sample values continuously and comparing with reference(More)
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