Sharad Thora

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The evaluation of nutritional and immunization services was undertaken in the rural ICDS block Sanwer (Madhya Pradesh) where the project is functioning from last 3 years. A door to door survey was conducted in 1993 in six Anganwadi areas in ICDS block and five randomly selected matched non ICDS rural area served as controls. There were a total of 709(More)
Perinatal and infant mortality during the year 1985 was analyzed through a prospective study conducted in 12 Anganwadis (total population of 13,054) located in slum areas of India's Jabalpur city. Overall, the infant mortality rate was 128.7/1000 live births and the perinatal mortality rate was 88.5/1000 live births. 58.5% of deaths occurred in the(More)
Serum adenosine deaminase (ADA) levels reflect activity of stimulated T lymphocytes and its levels are raised whenever cell mediated immunity is stimulated. One hundred term normal newborns were studied to evaluate effect of BCG vaccination on serum ADA levels. Serum ADA was measured at birth and 6 weeks after BCG vaccination. Only 67 subjects came for(More)
A comparison of mortality and morbidity pattern of hospital admissions of children under 14 years during 1966-68 and 1977-81 has been made. Annual admission rate has increased from 1515 to 2515, which is in proportion to the population increase of 3 lacs from 1966 to 1981. Recently more than 70% were discharged within a week as against 52% during 1966-68,(More)