Sharad Shrivastava

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We present a quantum mechanical model of spherical supermembranes. Using superfields to represent the Cartesian coordinates of the membrane, we are able to exactly determine its supersymmetric vacua. We find there are two classical vacua, one corresponding to an extended membrane and one corresponding to a point-like membrane. Instanton effects then lift(More)
Aim of this study is to know antigenotoxic potential of Trifla (Triphala), an ancient Indian herbal formulation consisting of powdered dry fruit of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica and Embelica officinalis as 1:1:1 wt/ wt, against potassium dichromate in Tilapia mossambica fish model. Twenty fish in each group were exposed to tap water alone (Gr(More)
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