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A broadband high gain microstrip patch antenna using slot is proposed. The Antenna has low profile with enhanced bandwidth and gain. The slot use on the patch's surface affects the radiation characteristics of proposed antenna. The antenna operating frequency range is 4. 4-6. 4 GHz with VSWR less than 2. By using slot on rectangular patch with coaxial(More)
Tissue expansion though a promising modality of reconstructive surgery is fraught with many complications. In addition to expander-related complications, subcutaneous port-related mishaps during tissue expansion, though infrequent, can result in procedure failures. We are reporting two patients with port-related complications. In one patient, there was(More)
Injuries to upper limb has been on the increase and is invariably associated with significant soft tissue loss requiring a flap cover. Local tissue may not be available for cover in a majority of situations, necessitating import of tissue from a distant source. We have utilized the thoraco-umbilical flap taken from the trunk for this purpose. This flap is(More)
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