Sharad Kumar Tiwari

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In order to cope with real-world problems more effectively, we tend to design a decision support system for tuberculosis bacterium class identification. In this paper, we are concerned to propose a fuzzy diagnosability approach, which takes value between {0, 1} and based on observability of events, we formalized the construction of diagnoses that are used(More)
185 Abstract— In industrial control systems the liquid level is carrying its significance as the control action for level control in tanks containing different chemicals or mixtures is essential for further control linking set points. The three level control models are considered in our work. The conventional control algorithm is difficult to reach required(More)
The present work deals with the problem of order reduction using balanced singular perturbation approximation. Direct truncation and singular perturbation approximation are two fully compatible order reduction method for a linear time invariant system, and both methods yield a stable, minimal, and internally balanced reduced model with the equal error(More)
In this paper, the reduction method uses the concepts of selecting significant poles for clustering. The poles are selected according to their contribution weightage in redefined time moments and Markov parameter of the original system. The coefficients of the numerator polynomial for reduced model are obtained using a factor division algorithm. This method(More)
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