Sharad Kumar Baral

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The ‘Community Forestry Program’ has been considered successful in improving the environmental situation in the hills of Nepal by enhancing the vegetation coverage of degraded sites and by improving the supply of forest products to farmers. The restoration measures are considered sustainable if the ecosystems are self-supporting and resilient against(More)
The PREDICTS project-Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems ( collated from published studies a large, reasonably representative database of comparable samples of biodiversity from multiple sites that differ in the nature or intensity of human impacts relating to land use. We have used this(More)
This experiment assessed the yield and growth performance of the fodder tree planting in the community forest focusing on Artocarpus lakoocha, Bahunia purpurea. Major variables analyzing the yield and growth of the species such as dbh, height, green weight of the foliage was measured. After analyzing the data, Artocarpus lakoocha was found to be good(More)
Discoloured heartwood proportion (DHP) decreases with an increasing rate of heartwood formation for vigorous sugar maple trees, suggesting that age-related increase in DHP is due to increasing likelihood of injuries with tree age. Sugar maple heartwood is more susceptible to decay and discolouration than the sapwood. To understand heartwood formation,(More)
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