Sharad Damodar Gore

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IPS and IDS both examine traffic looking for attacks but they are critically different. The differences between deployment of these system in networks in which IDS are out of band in system, means it cannot sit within the network path but IPS are in-line in the system, means it can pass through in between the devices.IDS generates only alerts if anomaly(More)
A common problem in multiple regression models is multicollinearity, which produces undesirable effects on the least squares estimator. To circumvent this problem, two well known estimation procedures are often suggested in the literature. They are Generalized Ridge Regression (GRR) estimation suggested by Hoerl and Kennard [8] and the Jackknifed Ridge(More)
Statistical literature has several methods for coping with multicollinearity. This paper introduces a new shrinkage estimator, called modified unbiased ridge (MUR). This estimator is obtained from unbiased ridge regression (URR) in the same way that ordinary ridge regression (ORR) is obtained from ordinary least squares (OLS). Properties of MUR are derived.(More)
Integrating security into enterprise level applications requires expertise and experience. Frameworks, tools and guidelines have been developed for the incorporation of security. Expert guidance is also encapsulated in the form of security design patterns which provide reusable solutions to recurring security problems. This field has been greatly enriched(More)
This paper titled " Proposed Intrusion Detection System " is an intrusion detection system (IDS) proposed by analyzing the principle of the intrusion detection system based on host and network. Here we are concentrating and analyzing overall performance as well as security of the proposed IDS. Moreover the proposed IDS approve the effectiveness of the(More)
The paper aims at using the Conceptual Dependency (CD) Theory [4] (Schank, 1975), to represent dependency amongst words in Marathi sentences. Context is the set of circumstances, time, place, background and the environment within which something takes place. Text has sense and words have meanings. The way a word is used with the text, determines its sense.(More)
This paper presents the difference between hackers and intruders with their main motives and intentions with their way of thinking, planning and performing attacks for their personal gain and as well as others gain. This shows the security of computer networks and information systems can't protect effectively if the human factor fails. Here explaining how(More)
BACKGROUND Air pollutants of iron- and steel-making operations have historically been an environmental and health hazard. These pollutants include gaseous substances such as sulfur oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The Iran National Steel Industrial Group beam rolling mills factory has two production lines viz. line 630 and line 650, with(More)