Sharad Chawla

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The advent of combined chemotherapy and radiation protocols in the treatment of laryngeal cancer has given rise to the term "organ preservation." Open organ preservation surgical procedures for laryngeal cancer and their indications for use are reviewed. Principles involved in organ preservation laryngeal surgery and how they relate to evaluating and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the peri-operative usefulness of dexmedetomidine in obstructive sleep apnoea surgery. METHODS In a clinical audit, patients were divided into a study group (dexmedetomidine used; n = 125; 82.9 per cent males, 17.1 per cent females; mean age 48.1 years) and a control group (dexmedetomidine not used; n = 143; 85.5 per cent males, 14.5(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure long-term quality-of-life (QOL) improvement following contemporary multilevel upper airway reconstruction surgery, compared with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Secondary aims were to investigate factors determining clinical effectiveness and QOL impact of reported side effects. DESIGN Cohort study. SUBJECTS AND(More)
BACKGROUND The skull base is a highly complex anatomical region that provides passage for important nerves and vessels as they course into and out of the cranial cavity. Key to the management of pathology in this region is a thorough understanding of the anatomy, with its variations, and the relationship of various neurovascular structures to the pathology(More)
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