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A new method was presented to measure flowing parameters in two-phase flow. The flowing images were captured by a CCD camera. An image-subtracted algorithm was used to remove the background noise, an iteration algorithm was used to calculate the optimizing threshold, and some morphological functions were applied to modify bubbles shape. The method can(More)
In bistatic inverse synthetic aperture radar (Bi-ISAR) system, its image resolution is lower than monostatic ISAR system. In order to solve this problem, the linear prognosis algorithm is adopted in the imaging process and the imaging algorithm based on linear prognosis is proposed. Space target Bi-ISAR imaging is taken as example in the research. The(More)
One of the main goals of embedded real-time streaming file system is to reduce the requirement of disk channel and enhance the throughput of file system, as well as to guarantee the real time performance under limited memory environment. Based on the analysis of the real-time streaming file system model, we brought forward the square-root buffer allocation(More)
A similarity measure and a weighted similarity measure based on the distance between characteristic values for intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are proposed in this paper. Then an intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy multicriteria decision-making method is established based on the weighted similarity measure between the characteristic values, in which(More)
In order to automatically find the count and size distribution of particles in two phase flow, a new algorithm is proposed to segment overlapped bubbles image. The algorithm was based on mathematical morphology method. First, the bright dots of bubbles were extracted, and then the bright dots were thickened. The unconnected objects would not become(More)
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