Shapour Heidarkhani

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The existence of three distinct weak solutions for a perturbed mixed boundary value problem involving the one-dimensional p-Laplacian operator is established under suitable assumptions on the nonlinear term. Our approach is based on recent variational methods for smooth functionals defined on reflexive Banach spaces.
A critical points approach for the existence of multiple solutions of a Dirichlet quasilinear system, Optimal existence theorems for positive solutions of second order multi-point boundary value problems, Commun. Positive solutions for a semipositone fractional boundary value problem with a forcing term, Fract. Positive solutions of nonlinear fractional(More)
The existence of a non-trivial solution for a discrete non-linear Dirichlet problem involving p-Laplacian is investigated. The technical approach is based on a local minimum theorem for differentiable functionals due to Bonanno. Multiple positive solutions of singular discrete p-Laplacian problems via variational methods, Adv. Existence of three positive(More)
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