Shaoyu Zhou

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Methods for estimating the performance of DBMSs can aid the design of database systems by identifying potential performance bottlenecks or by predicting the relative performance of diierent designs. Performance estimation is critical in parallel database systems with distributed memory where an eeective overall performance depends on a good choice among a(More)
Cache modelling is an important issue in developing an analytical performance evaluator to estimate performance for applications running on parallel DBMSs. This paper describes a cache model developed for parallel cache management in Oracle7 Parallel Server. Some preliminary results have also been obtained by using the cache model to predict cache hit(More)
Parallel database systems are generally recognised as one of the most important application areas for commercial parallel systems. However, the task of managing the performance of a parallel database system is exceedingly complex. The initial choice of hardware conngura-tion to support a particular DBMS application and the subsequent task of tuning the DBMS(More)
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