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In this study, radiosynthesis and biological evaluation of a new [18F]labeled glutamine analogue, N-(2-[18F]fluoropropionyl)-L-glutamine ([18F]FPGLN) for tumor PET imaging are performed. [18F]FPGLN was synthesized via a two-step reaction sequence from 4-nitrophenyl-2-[18F]fluoropropionate ([18F]NFP) with a decay-corrected yield of 30 ± 5% (n=10) and a(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, biological therapies for early intervention of degenerative disc disease have been introduced and developed; however, a functional animal model that mimics slowly progressive disc degeneration of humans does not exist. The objective of this study was to establish a slowly progressive and reproducible intervertebral disc (IVD)(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) is an essential cytokine that mediates cell death and has been shown to play a potential role in inducing neural stem cell (NSC) apoptosis. We have previously shown that TNF-α antagonist etanercept can suppress the transplanted NSC apoptosis induced by TNF-α in spinal cord injury (SCI) sites; however, the precise(More)
BACKGROUND Monsegmental pedicle instrumentation (MSPI) has been used to treat thoracolumbar fractures. However, there are few reports about the biomechanical characteristics of MSPI compared with traditional short-segment pedicle instrumentation (SSPI) in management of unstable thoracolumbar fractures, and the influence of vertebral fracture on screw(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior C2/3 discectomy and interbody fusion (ACDF) with plating is increasingly performed as the primary treatment of unstable Hangman's fracture; however, plate-related complications, such as screw back-out, plate fracture and soft-tissue injury, is not uncommon. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cage has now been developed to provide initial(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical intervention is increasingly performed as the primary treatment of unstable Hangman's fracture. Some authors have advocated using anterior C2/3 discectomy with interbody fusion and plating to treat unstable Hangman's fracture combined with intervertebral disc injury; however, there are few reports on unstable Hangman's fracture treated(More)
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