Shaoyong Guo

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In this study, we investigate the optimal location of access points (APs) to connect end nodes with a service provider through power-line communication in smart-grid communication networks. APs are the gateways of power-distribution communication networks, connecting users to control centers. Hence, they are vital for the reliable, safe, and economical(More)
How to use self-management techniques to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance for LTE Network has become a main challenge for telecommunication operators. In this paper, the allocation method of physical cell identifier (PCI) in LTE Network is analyzed, and an automation PCI allocation system (ACPIAS) framework is proposed. In addition, we propose a(More)
The information modeling and management mechanism are the most important aspects of device management. By introducing the importance of device management, we analyze the limitation and deficiency of information modeling in device management. With the deepening research on existing information modeling methods, the paper proposes hybrid architecture and(More)
Systems and networks management tasks such as fault diagnosis often require making quick and precise diagnosis to locate the root faults. Recently, the most popular method used to perform fault diagnosis is active probing. However, although active probing is an efficient tool for fault diagnosis, it has to send plenty of probes into the network, which has(More)
Hadoop has become a popular platform for the management of big data. To provide a healthy Hadoop platform for big data application, an HMM-based approach for performance diagnosis in Hadoop clusters is proposed. We use metrics which are collected under the normal situation to train HMM (Hidden Markov Model), then use this model to detect anomaly based on(More)
In power communication networks, it is a challenge to decrease the risk of different services efficiently to improve operation reliability. One of the important factor in reflecting communication risk is service route distribution. However, existing routing algorithms do not take into account the degree of importance of services, thereby leading to load(More)
The requirement of QoE is gradually increasing currently. Simultaneously, as the intermedium between the users and network, devices support collecting several QoS parameters which could predict expected QoE for users. However, a large quantity of mobile devices will become the obstacle for the QoS collection due to the costs of collection traffic. To solve(More)
Due to the advantages of muti-hop communication, self-organizing, self-healing and reliability, wireless muti-hop mesh network becomes an ideal solution for smart grid meter data collection. However, wireless muti-hop meter data collection network faces limitation and challenge on communication performance of network caused by application layer data traffic(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted from the network services and controlled by one or more controllers. If a link or a node fails, the switches that can detect the failure have to either inform controller to update flow tables or transform the data to pre-configured paths to recover the failure. However,(More)
When wireless communication comes into the era of the 3rd generation, teleservices would become unprecedented rich under the open service access (OSA). Obviously, QoS (quality of service) from customer’s view becomes one of the most important factors deciding the deployment strategies of services. CQT that is a typical measurement tool for(More)