Shaoyang Wang

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In order to examine whether variation in interleukin-10 promoter polymorphism would predict the likelihood of sustain response of chronic hepatitis B to treatment with interferon alfa (IFN-α), the inheritance of 3 biallelic polymorphisms in the IL-10 gene promoter in patients with 52 chronic hepatitis B were determined by polymerase chain reaction(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignant tumors with a poor patient survival. Expression of TGF-β1 is up-regulated in HCC and is thought to play a crucial role in the occurrence and development of HCC. However, the mechanism of TGF-β1-mediated facilitation of malignant growth and invasion remains unclear, although some previous(More)
Mitochondrial research is important to ageing, apoptosis, and mitochondrial diseases. In previous works, mitochondria are usually stimulated indirectly by proapoptotic drugs to study mitochondrial development, which is in lack of controllability, or spatial and temporal resolution. These chemicals or even gene techniques regulating mitochondrial dynamics(More)
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