Shaowen Qin

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Hospitals are continually struggling to cater for the increasing demand for inpatient services. This is due to increased population, aging, and the rising incidence of chronic diseases associated with modern life. The high demand for hospital services leads to unpredictable bed availability, longer waiting period for acute admission, difficulties in keeping(More)
Cache access latency and efficient usage of on-chip capacity are critical factors that affect the performance of the chip multiprocessor (CMP) architecture. In this paper, we propose a SPS2 cache architecture and cache coherence protocol for snooping-based CMP, in which each processor has both private and shared L2 cache to balance latency and capacity. Our(More)
It is a well-known problem that Australian public hospitals are struggling to meet the increasing inpatient care demand, which often results to patient flow congestion and poor health care outcomes. Health care management practitioners and researchers have been trying to improve overall flow of patients with various modelling and data analysis approaches.(More)
The establishment of an existing practice scenario was an essential component in providing a basis for further research in the area of COTS software acquisition within the organisation. This report details the identification of means of describing the existing practice of software acquisition within an organisation and identification of models that could be(More)
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