Shaowei Yang

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Betanodavirus infection causes fatal disease of viral nervous necrosis in many cultured marine and freshwater fish worldwide and the virus-like particles (VLP) are effective vaccines against betanodavirus. But vaccine and viral vector designs of betanodavirus VLP based on their structures remain lacking. Here, the three-dimensional structure of(More)
A series of isostructural compounds Na(HL)(CH3COO)Ln(Al(OH)6Mo6O18)(H2O)6·10H2O [L = nicotinate; Ln = Eu (1), Tb (2)] and Na(HL)(CH3COO)EumTbnLa1-m-n(AlMo6(OH)6O18)(H2O)6·10H2O (3-8, L = nicotinate), wherein Anderson-type polyanions AlMo6(OH)6O183- as basic inorganic building blocks are connected by Eu(CH3COO)(HL)(H2O)3]24+ and [Na2(H2O)8]2+ cations,(More)
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