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This paper examines users who are common to two popular online social networks, Instagram and Ask.fm, That are often used for cyber bullying. An analysis of the negativity and positivity of word usage in posts by common users of these two social networks is performed. These results are normalized in comparison to a sample of typical users in both networks.(More)
Online video chat services such as Chatroulette and Omegle randomly match users in video chat sessions and have become increasingly popular, with tens of thousands of users online at anytime during a day. Our interest is in examining user behavior in the growing domain of mobile video, and in particular how users behave in such video chat services as they(More)
This paper investigates the development of accurate and efficient classifiers to identify misbehaving users (i.e., " flashers ") in a mobile video chat application. Our analysis is based on video session data collected from a mobile client that we built that connects to a popular random video chat service. We show that prior image-based classifiers designed(More)
It applies the HSRI tire model to set up a two degree of nonlinear dynamic model of semi-trailer. Taking the yaw velocity of tractor as control variables, it proposes the control scheme, develops a controller of BP Neural Network for the semi-trailer stability. Based on the established nonlinear dynamic model, it describes simulation in Matlab/Simulink(More)
Modern smartphones are increasingly equipped with mul-ticore processors. However, current applications are yet to take full advantage of this new architecture, particularly in the area of managing power consumption. This demo demonstrates three new scheduling algorithms that dynamically schedule an optimal number of cores with each core running at an(More)
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