Shaoshuai Liu

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We present a novel approach to indoor wireless localization using label propagation based on semi-supervised learning. Our aim is to reduce the effort of collecting labeled data in the offline training phrase, which are expensive to obtain. This learning algorithm combines labeled and unlabeled data in learning process to fully realize a global consistency(More)
This paper proposes a technique for the on-line detection of incipient engine misŽre based on multiple feature fusion and fuzzy pattern recognition. The technique requires the measurement of instantaneous angular velocity signals. By processing the engine dynamics model equation in the angular frequency domain, four dimensionless features for misŽre(More)
Collaborative filtering systems are vulnerable to shilling attacks or profile injection attacks in which malicious users can deliberately manipulate the systems’ recommendation output by inserting a number of fake profiles. To address this issue, some robust collaborative filtering methods based on matrix factorization have been proposed. However, these(More)
Materials performance is central to the satisfactory operation of current and future nuclear energy systems due to the severe irradiation environment in reactors. Searching for structural materials with excellent irradiation tolerance is crucial for developing the next generation nuclear reactors. Here, we report the irradiation responses of a novel(More)
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