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A reasonably efficient password based key exchange (KE) protocol with provable security without random oracle was recently proposed by Katz, et al. [18] and later by Gennaro and Lindell [13]. However, these protocols do not support mutual authentication (MA). The authors explained that this could be achieved by adding an additional flow. But then this(More)
Deniable authentication is a technique that allows one party to send messages to another while the latter can not prove to a third party the fact of communication. In this paper, we first formalize a natural notion of deniable security and naturally extend the basic authenticator theorem by Bellare et al. [2] to the setting of deniable authentication. Of(More)
—Secure message transmission assume n channels between a sender and a receiver such that up to t channels are under control of a computationally unlimited adversary. In secure message transmission by public discussion protocol, sender and receiver have access to a public authenticated channel. In this paper we show that if n ≥ t+1, a secure protocol(More)