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For optically complex turbid productive waters, the optical behavior of suspended particles is the keynote of characterizing the unordered variations of inherent optical properties (IOPs). Multiple bio-optical measurements and sampling of optically active substances were performed in Lake Taihu, Lake Chaohu, and Lake Dianchi, and Three Gorges reservoir of(More)
This study develops a novel support vector regression (SVR) model for retrieving the specific cyanobacterial pigment C-phycocyanin (C-PC) concentrations in cyanobacteria-dominated large turbid lakes of China. Lake Taihu, Lake Chaohu, and Lake Dianchi in China were our study areas. Five field cruises were carried out to collect data sets of optical and water(More)
Water surface temperature(WST) is an important parameter in aquatic ecology and environment. The WST in Lake Taihu has a good relationship with the algae bloom. Thermal infrared remote sensing will provide a effecitve tool for detecting the WST. China HJ satellite is another satellite monitoring environment pollution and natural disasters which is(More)
Atmospheric water vapor plays an important role in the high-energy thermodynamics of the atmosphere and the genesis of storm systems. Water vapor remote sensing can provide a detailed primary parameter within meteorological prediction models and climate models. The research selects four typical periods MODIS images and retrieves the contents of water vapor(More)
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