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Insulin was complexed with sodium deoxycholate to form an insulin-sodium deoxycholate complex (Ins-SD-Comp) using an hydrophobic ion pairing method in aqueous phase to enhance the liposolubility of insulin. In order to obtain the maximal complexation efficiency, the molar ratio of sodium deoxycholate to insulin was found. The zeta potential method was used(More)
This study proposes a new concept of pH-sensitive poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) nanoparticle composite microcapsules for oral delivery of insulin. Firstly, insulin-sodium oleate complex was prepared by the hydrophobic ion pairing method and then encapsulated into PLGA nanoparticles by the emulsion solvent diffusion method. In order to reduce the burst(More)
In this study, we designed and developed a new drug delivery system of multifunctional composite microcapsules for oral administration of insulin. Firstly, in order to enhance the encapsulation efficiency, insulin was complexed with functional sodium deoxycholate to form insulin-sodium deoxycholate complex using hydrophobic ion pairing method. Then the(More)
To investigate anti-solvent crystallization and growth mechanism of nitrendipine spherical crystals in an aqueous solution containing polymeric additives. Size and shape of crystals were investigated using laser diffractometry, optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Crystalline form was determined by X-ray powder diffractometer (XRPD).(More)
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