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A new predictive computer simulation tool targeting the development of the H-mode pedestal at the plasma edge in tokamaks and the triggering and dynamics of edge localized modes (ELMs) is presented in this report. This tool brings together, in a coordinated and effective manner, several first-principles physics simulation codes, stability analysis packages,(More)
Android is an integrated open platform for mobile devices provided by Google Inc.. It includes operating system, middleware and some key applications. It has also an excellent development and debugging environment. In order to enable the ListView, an Android application development widget, to display images and data from database, a customized layout file(More)
Edge pedestal height and the accompanying ELM crash are critical elements of ITER physics yet to be understood and predicted through high performance computing. An entirely self-consistent first principles simulation is being pursued as a long term research goal, and the plan is planned for completion in time for ITER operation. However, a(More)
In magnetic bearing systems or other relative devices with multi-sensors which states are not easy to be monitored and tested, multi-valued logic algebra based on sequential variables is suggested to be utilized in the fault diagnosis of the multi-sensors. The states of sensors and devices are both discretized to be three logic values: normal, abnormal and(More)
Data fusion method of noise and temperature field is presented for the fault diagnosis of magnetic bearings. Noise distribution of magnetic bearings is measured with B & K instrument. From the experimental results, it can be known that two radial bearings produce the most large noise. Temperature distribution can be tested with an infrared imaging(More)
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