Shaoping Chu

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The geocycles of N, Fe and S in the ocean are tightly coupled and together exert strong influence on biogeochemistry of the earth system. We investigate this interaction by inserting macro-micronutrient cycling into a high resolution ocean model that realistically represents the general circulation. Simulated chlorophyll distributions reproduce many(More)
This paper presents a study of solute transport through ground water in the saturated zone and the resulting breakthrough curves (BTCs), using a field-scale numerical model that incorporates the processes of advection, dispersion, matrix diffusion in fractured volcanic formations, sorption, and colloid-facilitated transport. Such BTCs at compliance(More)
The time-to-digital converter(TDC) aims to mark an accurate timestamp at the time of input signal comes. The Multi-phase Clock sampling method is an usual way to map the TDC into an FPGA. Traditionally, this method provides a medium accuracy and low resources occupation. In this paper, we present a new architecture of TDC base on the 2-ISERDES in the(More)
Interactions between oceanic nitrate ecology and circulation determine the marine distribution of dissolved, climate relevant trace gases such as dimethyl sul®de (DMS) and carbonyl sul®de (OCS), and a variety of hydrocarbons. Our group is constructing a suite of ecosystem/reaction/transport models, which link nitrate to the chemistry of volatiles near the(More)
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