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Amyloid-β protein dimers isolated directly from Alzheimer's brains impair synaptic plasticity and memory
It is concluded that soluble Aβ oligomers extracted from Alzheimer's disease brains potently impair synapse structure and function and that dimers are the smallest synaptotoxic species. Expand
Dopamine-dependent facilitation of LTP induction in hippocampal CA1 by exposure to spatial novelty
It is found that brief exposure to a novel environment lowered the threshold for the induction of LTP, and an important role for dopamine-regulated synaptic plasticity in the storage of unpredicted information in the CA1 area is supported. Expand
Soluble Aβ Oligomers Inhibit Long-Term Potentiation through a Mechanism Involving Excessive Activation of Extrasynaptic NR2B-Containing NMDA Receptors
Soluble Aβ oligomers at low nanomolar levels present in AD brain increase activation of extrasynaptic NR2B-containing receptors, thereby impairing synaptic plasticity. Expand
Soluble Oligomers of Amyloid β Protein Facilitate Hippocampal Long-Term Depression by Disrupting Neuronal Glutamate Uptake
It is concluded that soluble Abeta oligomers perturb synaptic plasticity by altering glutamate recycling at the synapse and promoting synapse depression. Expand
National Adoption of International Accounting Standards: An Institutional Perspective
Manuscript Type: Empirical Research Question/Issue: Effective corporate governance requires accurate and reliable financial information. Historically, each nation has developed and pursued its ownExpand
Distinct Roles for Ras-Guanine Nucleotide-Releasing Factor 1 (Ras-GRF1) and Ras-GRF2 in the Induction of Long-Term Potentiation and Long-Term Depression
Findings show that, despite their similar functional domain organization, Ras-GRF1 and Ras- GRF2 mediate opposing forms of synaptic plasticity by coupling different classes of NMDARs to distinct MAP kinase pathways. Expand
A mouse model of Down syndrome trisomic for all human chromosome 21 syntenic regions.
A new mouse model for DS that carries duplications spanning the entire Hsa21 syntenic regions on all three mouse chromosomes and may have the potential to serve as one of the reference models for further understanding the developmental cognitive disability associated with DS and may also be used for developing novel therapeutic interventions for this clinical manifestation of the disorder. Expand
Costs and benefits of XBRL adoption: early evidence
Financial reporting via XBRL is a low-cost method for increasing transparency and compliance while potentially decreasing a firm's cost of capital.
CSR Communication Intensity in Chinese and Indian Multinational Companies
Manuscript Type: Empirical Research Question/Issue: Why do firms in China, which has a higher level of economic development, communicate less CSR than firms in India? We use a model that includesExpand
Why a poor governance environment does not deter foreign direct investment: The case of China and its implications for investment protection
Abstract It is widely believed that countries with a poor governance environment (e.g., weak laws and rampant corruption) do not attract foreign direct investment (FDI); however, our study suggestsExpand