Shaomei Wang

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With the regard of trailer scheduling problem, the hybrid flow shop problem with blocking (HFS-B) was introduced to analyze the flow of container with different attributes (import container, export container) in order to describe and optimize trailer scheduling problem. The mathematics model that was described using HFS-B with attribute for trailer(More)
Scheduling problem is a kind of well-known combination optimization problem, and many scheduling problems are NP problems. Particle swarm optimization is used to solve the permutation flow shop-scheduling problem. The particle representation based on particle position sequence is presented, which can ensure that the feasible scheduling solutions are made(More)
From human-computer interaction to human-human interaction and from information sharing to function collaborative are major advances from traditional single-user design to collaborative design. This work presents a road map to achieve this goal with computer-aided tools. The models, methods and techniques in developing collaborative tools for collaborative(More)
The primary objective of container terminal schedule system is the reduction of the time in terminal for the ships without physical expansion by optimizing allocation of existed machine and maximizing the productivity of the quay cranes. As there are a limited number of berths and resources available in container terminals for delivering services to(More)
The key technique of virtual prototyping is real-time a performance simulation for a product, such as virtual assembly simulation and mechanism movement simulation. However, the key to realize this simulation is yet the representation of a product model, and but, the traditional digital model of a product (such as relation model and hierarchical model)(More)