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In recent years, with the widely application of speaker recognition, besides recognition precision, people pay more attention to processing speed. The traditional recognition frame which directly uses acoustic feature sequence to match the model of target speaker doesn't work well in real time environment. So new recognition frame based on the statistic of(More)
Flooding attack is a novel and powerful attack against on-demand ad hoc routing protocols. At present, FAP (flooding attack prevention) is the single scheme proposed to resist such attack. This paper analyses the security hole of FAP, and presents a new and simpler solution, AMTT (avoiding mistaken transmission table) scheme. In this scheme, legal nodes can(More)
To improve the enhancement effect of noisy speech signals, this paper presents and analyses a new speech enhancement algorithm based on improved spectral subtraction. In contrast to the standard spectral subtraction algorithm, the new algorithm accurately estimates the noise according to that the amplitude spectral of narrowband white Gaussian noise obeys(More)
The essence of visual tracking is to distinguish the target from background, so how to describe the difference between target and background is a key problem. In this paper, tracking algorithm by color distribution fields with adaptive hierarchical structure is presented to solve this problem. First, multichannel color distribution fields are presented for(More)
The traditional social network community detection algorithms generally lack of consideration of link attributes, and full expression using link attribute information model and mechanism. Aiming at this issue, this paper puts forward the community detection algorithm of social network through fusion the link and node attributes. We combine similarity of(More)
Person re-identification plays a key role in video monitoring. Aiming for current person re-identifications for numerical complexity and extraction difficulty, we propose a simple and fast multi-feature. On the basis of analysis of difference excitation and orientation of Weber Local Descriptors, showing graphic texture features by difference excitation of(More)
To solve the false acceptance problem in speaker recognition, definition of similar centroids among all reference speakers’ codebooks and similarity between each two speakers are given. A triple is introduced to mark each centroid with the description of similar centroids. And such triple is used to modify the target function in the fuzzy kernel vector(More)