Shaoliang Meng

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In this paper, a blind audio watermarking scheme using stereo signals is proposed. In the proposed scheme, each bit of watermark bit stream is embedded into “non–silent” samples of stereo audio signals. The watermark bits can be embedded by replacing least significant bit or bits in higher bit layers of original signal samples.(More)
This paper proposed a novel medical image fusion algorithm based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT). Firstly, CT image and MRI image are decomposed into high and low frequency subband by NSCT. For selection of fusion rules, the coefficients of low frequency subband are fused by local entropy, and fusion criterion for the coefficients of high(More)
Recent years has witnessed a rapid development of the wind power industry. It has become a concern for operators as to how to extract valuable information from the massive amount of historical data generated during operation of wind farm. A design plan of data mining software applied in wind farm is proposed in this paper. B/S mode and J2EE framework are(More)
Wind power has been developed rapidly as a clean energy in recent years. The forecast error of wind power, however, makes it difficult to use wind power effectively. In some former statistical models, the forecast error was usually assumed to be a Gaussian distribution, which had proven to be unreliable after a statistical analysis. In this paper, a more(More)
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