Shaoli Zuo

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This article presents a simple structure for reducing mutual coupling between two diversity planar monopole antennas for WLAN 5.2/5.8GHz applications. The structure has two λ/4 (λwavelength in the substrate) slots cut into the ground plane between the two monopoles. In 0.5λo (λo-wavelength in the air) of the antenna spacing, mutual coupling was −33.3, −21.1(More)
This paper proposed a novel design method to acquire high gain for coaxial collinear sleeve dipole array antenna. Based on the analysis of S21 of one element and two elements of the antenna, the current magnitude and phase on each element distribute equally. Thus high gain and good omnidirectional performance on the horizontal plane is obtained with the(More)
Abstract-A collinear printed 6-element dipole array antenna for WiMAX application is presented. By employing loop-loaded structures, the better omnidirectional coverage is achieved. The array has shown a 7.2% bandwidth (VSWR≤1.5) of center frequency at about 3.5GHz for application in WiMAX. Its performance is relatively stable with 8dBi antenna gain(More)
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