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The hybrid Au-Ag triangular nanoparticles were proposed for the purpose of biosensing. To construct the nanoparticles, an Au thin film was deposited on top of the Ag nanoparticles supported with glass substrate. The hybrid nanoparticles can prevent oxidation of the pure Ag nanoparticles due to the Au protective layer caped on the Ag nanoparticles. The(More)
The optical transmission and electric field distribution of plasmonic nanostructures dictate their performance in nano-optics and nano-biosensors. Here, we consider the use of hollow, five-pointed, star-shaped nanostructures made of Al, Ag, Au or Cu. We use simulations based on finite-difference time-domain and the discrete dipole approximation to identify(More)
A new silver (Ag) nanostructure with a rectangular distribution array composed of rhombic nanoparticles is described here. The structure has an apparent advantage of strong hot spots that have a much higher signal intensity than that of the previously reported traditional triangular structures. It generates a great enhancement of a localized surface plasmon(More)
The ignition of magnesium alloy chips is a problem during high speed dry machining in industry. It should be avoided in the practical production. Many factors including machining environment, material composition, tool geometry, cutting parameters etc. can influence the cutting processes. Among these factors, cutting parameters is one of most important(More)
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