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Recently, non-contact measurement technology has improved significantly. With the increasing of the accuracy and the speed of data acquisition of 3D laser scanners, the amount of point data has increased dramatically . 3D laser scanners generate up to thousands of points per second, which have become a burden of both computation and store of the data. It is(More)
Currently, commercial gasoline direct injection engines mainly use wall-guided combustion system to prepare stratified mixture. In this system, the fuel droplets injected from one cylinder side usually tend to wall wet on the piston crown and the other side of the cylinder, which causing an increases of the HC emission. The liquid phase LPG has a lower(More)
We have developed a rapid and high throughput lipase-ANS (8-Anilino-l-naphthalenesulfonic acid) assay to evaluate the thermo-stability of lipases based on the ANS fluorescence signal's increasing and shifting when this small fluorescence probes binds to lipase. The testing lipase samples were incubated at a temperature range of 25 degrees C to 65 degrees C(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the first identified human oncogenic DNA virus in the gamma-herpesvirus family. EBV triggers a cascade events of innate immune responses through Toll-like receptor signaling including the production of type I interferons and the activation of functional autophagy. However, EBV has developed much more elaborate and sophisticated(More)
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