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We report hertz level relative linewidth distributed feedback diode lasers with external optical feedback from a high finesse F-P cavity, and demonstrate the efficient phase noise suppression and laser linewidth reduction of the optical feedback technique. The laser phase noise is dramatically suppressed throughout the measurement frequency range.(More)
In order to further improve the linear datum based geometric measurement accuracy and expand the measurement range, a 6-DoF motion system is developed for realizing a linear datum in the form of motion trajectory of the contact point (CP) of an absolute displacement measurement probe. This linear datum is established based on the concept of coordinate(More)
A general analytical form of the round trip phase shift in grating feedback diode lasers is proposed. Using the new form, it is obvious that the round trip phase shift can be independent of rotation angle in first order approximation when only one restriction condition is met. We call this the quasi synchronous tuning (QST) condition. In the QST region, a(More)
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