Shaojuan Zhang

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The aim of the present study was to compare the relationship of morphologically defined non-bulging/herniated, bulging and herniated intervertebral lumbar discs with quantitative apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC). Thirty-two healthy volunteers and 28 patients with back pain or sciatica were examined by MRI. All intervertebral lumbar discs from L1 to S1(More)
Cholesterol-rich regions are attractive targets for studying metabolic disorders that involve accumulation of cholesterol. Despite efforts to develop probes for labelling cholesterol-rich regions in cells, few of these reagents have a low molecular weight. Previous studies have shown that the acidotropic pH indicator,(More)
OBJECTIVES To utilize phosphorescence to monitor hypoxic microenvironment in solid-tumors and investigate cancer chemotherapeutic effects in vivo. METHODS A hypoxia-sensitive probe named BTP was used to monitor hypoxic microenvironment in solid-tumors. The low-dose metronomic treatment with cisplatin was used in anti-angiogenetic chemotherapeutic(More)
Chronic inflammation is considered as a critical cause of a host of disorders, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases, although the exact mechanism is yet to be explored. Imaging tools that can specifically target inflammation are therefore important to help reveal the role of inflammation in disease(More)
We report the synthesis and photophysical properties of three biperylene-based dendrimers, which show red fluorescence in water. A fluorescence microscopy study demonstrated uptake of biperylene-based dendrimers in living cells. Our results indicate that these biperylene-based dendrimers are promising candidates in fluorescence imaging applications with the(More)
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