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Assessing beliefs, attitudes, and behavioral responses toward online advertising in three countries
The study is aimed to investigate the relationships among consumers' beliefs about online advertising, attitudes toward online advertising (ATOA), and consumer behavioral responses in three differentExpand
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Examining the role of beliefs and attitudes in online advertising
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate online advertising across different cultures such as Romania and the USA. In the meantime, this paper attempts to examine the relationships amongExpand
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Examining Chinese students’ Internet use and cross-cultural adaptation: does loneliness speak much?
Guided by uses and gratifications theory and prior research on cross-cultural adaptation (CCA), this article investigated how loneliness influenced Chinese students’ Internet use and CCA. The resultsExpand
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Generalizability Theory as a Unifying Framework of Measurement Reliability in Adolescent Research
In adolescence research, the treatment of measurement reliability is often fragmented, and it is not always clear how different reliability coefficients are related. We show that generalizabilityExpand
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Examining beliefs and attitudes toward online advertising among Chinese consumers
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate beliefs about and attitudes toward online advertising (ATOA) among Chinese consumers and the relationship between belief factors, ATOA, andExpand
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The Role of Motivation and Media Involvement in Explaining Internet Dependency
Links among demographics, motivation for using the Internet, cognitive and affective involvement, and Internet dependency were investigated. By integrating uses and gratifications theory and mediaExpand
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Public perceptions and reactions to H7N9 in Mainland China.
OBJECTIVES H7N9 poses major challenges for Chinese society. Early examination of public reactions to threat is critical for framing appropriate public health responses. We investigate initial beliefsExpand
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Willingness to Help Following the Sichuan Earthquake
Examining individuals’ TV and Internet involvement following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, this study demonstrates that involvement with disaster media renders positive and negative effects on viewers. Expand
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Chinese Luxury Consumers: Motivation, Attitude and Behavior
This study examines Chinese consumers’ motives, attitudes toward luxury brands (ATLB), and the impact of ATLB on consumer behavior. Specifically, Chinese luxury consumers were segmented into threeExpand
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Early responses to H7N9 in southern Mainland China
BackgroundH7N9 posed potentially serious health challenges for Chinese society. The previous SARS outbreak in this country was accompanied by contradictory information, while worries aboutExpand
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