Shaojie Yang

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In LTE-A systems, load balancing is one of the key targets of the self-organizing network (SON). This paper proposes a virtual cell-breathing based load balancing (VCBLB) scheme for downlink LTE-A self-optimizing networks. In the proposed load balancing scheme, the coverage of serving cells and neighboring target cells is virtually controlled by adjusting(More)
Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)), a heavy-metal contaminant, can be easily reduced to less toxic trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) by sulfite ions (S(IV)). However, S(IV) has not drawn as much attention as the ferrous ion has. We report herein a novel Cr(VI)-S(IV)-O2 system containing sulfite ions that rapidly and simultaneously reduces Cr(VI) and oxidize organic(More)
Driven by Cr(VI)-Sulfite Reactions” A recent article by Jiang et al. entitled “Synergetic transformations of multiple pollutants driven by Cr(VI)sulfite reactions” reports the efficient oxidation of contaminants (e.g., As(III)) in the Cr(VI)−S(IV) system. They ascribed the oxidation in aqueous solutions at acid pH to SO4 •− and •OH. They determined the(More)
Heterogeneous catalytic activation is important for potential application of new sulfate-radical-based advanced oxidation process using sulfite as source of sulfate radical. We report herein a heterogeneous system for sulfite activation by CoFe2O4 nanocatalyst for metoprolol removal. Factors that influence metoprolol removal were investigated, including pH(More)
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