Shaojie Wang

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This paper describes automation methods for device driver development in IP-based embedded systems in order to achieve high reliability, productivity, reusability and fast time to market. We formally specify device behaviors using event driven finite state machines, communication channels, declaratively described rules, constraints and synthesis patterns. A(More)
This paper presents a correct-by-construction synthesis method for generating operating system based device drivers from a formally specified device behavior model. Existing driver development is largely manual using an ad-hoc design methodology. Consequently, this task is error prone and becomes a bottleneck in embedded system design methodology.Our(More)
Many projects have tried to analyze the structure and dynamics of application overlay networks on the Internet using packet analysis and network flow data. While such analysis is essential for a variety of network management and security tasks, it is difficult on many networks: either the volume of data is so large as to make packet inspection intractable,(More)
Based on both construction methods of the epidemic models and mechanism of the worm propagation, a new SIRS model for virus propagation is derived. By using the theory of differential equations, the propagation regularity of worm virus is discussed and the threshold of removing virus is gained. The analysis techniques of the mathematical model provide(More)
The key problem of rotor flux orientation control of bearingless induction motor is the estimation of rotor flux. Aiming at the problem that the estimation precision of rotor flux based on traditional flux estimator is influenced by the variation of stator or rotor resistance, a new estimation method based on the stator current vector orientation is(More)
This paper presents an intra-frame coding mode decision algorithm for MPEG-4 to H.264/AVC transcoding in integer transform domain. The edge direction inside a block is estimated in the integer transform domain to reduce candidate prediction modes. Based on the analysis of the variance of the sixteen subblock DC coefficients inside a macroblock,(More)
Considering the characteristics of the propagation of worm, we can analyze it by epidemic model. In this paper, considering that to re-assembly system and the use of anti-virus software will take a period of time, so we introduce a time-delay to describe this period of time. On this basis, we build a SIDRQ model for Internet worm virus propagation depended(More)
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