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Forecasting of underground pressure for working surface (UPWS) plays an important role in mining technology industry for safety production. The characteristics of UPWS include roof lithologic, mining height of coal seam, geological structure, mining depth, promoting speed of working surface, influence of mining, etc. These factors directly affect the(More)
—The prediction of fatigue life of metal welded joints plays an important role at lower manufacturing costs and reduces accidents for engineering materials, the response of metal welded joints to fatigue properties has highly non-linear, so it is difficult to establish an accurate theoretical model using traditional method to predict its fatigue life. It is(More)
SOAPsnv is the software used for identifying the single nucleotide variation in cancer genes. However, its performance is yet to match the massive amount of data to be processed. Experiments reveal that the main performance bottleneck of SOAPsnv software is the pileup algorithm. The original pileup algorithm’s I/O process is time-consuming and inefficient(More)
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